W297 Full-Color Wide Format Printer

  • Full-Color wide-format printer based on HP inkjet technology
  • Full color printing to meet your individual needs
  • Print width up to 297 mm
  • No need to wait for plate making, simply import the desired printing content, and start printing immediately
  • Can replace the color printing that traditional screen printing cannot achieve without plates
  • Highly suitable for rush orders, small orders, colored orders, and e-commerce orders

Product Description

Loogal W297 full-color wide-format printer is a digital printer developed for the packaging industry, specializing in color printing for products like colorful boxes, cartons, and paper bags. It can print on various water-absorbent materials such as kraft paper, corrugated paper, specialty paper, cotton paper, rice paper, and double adhesive paper. With its personalized customization feature, there's no need to wait for plate making. Simply import the printing content and start printing immediately.

The W297 color wide-format printer supports CMYK four-color printing without any color limitations. It also allows for the merging and printing of multiple images, eliminating the need for repetitive adjustments. It is ideal for urgent orders, small orders, colored orders, and e-commerce orders. This printer can replace traditional screen printing and achieve non-mold color printing.


Printing width 297mm(11.7'')
No. of print cartridges 4 (C, M, Y, K)
ink types Water-based (pigment)
Ink cartridge capacity C:237ml/M:233ml/Y:225ml/K:498ml
Ink drop size K: 10pl, CMY: 8.5pl
Resolution 1200*1200dpi / 1200*600dpi
No. of spray holes 59136 (4224*14)
Max. printing speed 18ips(28m/min)
Max. print length 914mm
Image print length 10-914mm
Total module weight 17kg
Environment requirement 15-30℃